Facts and figures

Spanning an extraordinary 69,000 square meters at HIA, our catering facility is one of the world’s largest self-contained airline facilities. Located within the airport premises, it produces 175,000 meals per day. The enhanced meal production capacity enables the facility to cater for every airline flying via HIA. The facility also provides catering for all 16 lounges, as well as all airport employees. Stay tuned for further updates on how QACC at HIA will redefine the dining experience for passengers on board and on the ground.

Largest single-standing catering facility in the world at 69,000 square metres

Four-level building including a basement 

Capacity of 175,000 meals per day

High standards of safety and security measures, compared to none in the region

4,000 fully dedicated employees from 150 nations including 1000 chefs

State-of-the-art operations with automatic cart transport system, automatic bin conveyor system and automatic storage & retrieval

Utilisation of only fresh food and ingredients with no pre-processed food

An air shower corridor for food handlers to decontaminate

Elimination of food wastage

Separate kitchens for food preparation according to various cultural requirements

A vacuum system for waste disposal

An assembly space to handle 6,500 carts

Direct airside loading

Laundry, dishwashing and equipment cleaning facilities

Production capability for off-airport venues