Five-star reputation

QACC was launched in August 2002 at Doha International Airport (DIA) to provide exclusive catering services to Qatar Airways and other airlines operating from DIA. Led by an award-winning catering team, QACC has been pushing the boundaries of in-flight catering to align with Qatar Airways five-star reputation and image.

The opening of Hamad International Airport (HIA) has marked a significant new chapter in QACC’s history. Its new state-of-the-art facility has empowered QACC’s capabilities by introducing new benchmarks of excellence in aviation catering and on-board services.

To create extraordinary in-flight dining experiences that enrich journeys around the world

To apply master craftsmanship to everything we do 

We utilise the very best of the best – the freshest ingredients, brightest talent and latest innovation – to offer customers the highest levels of pallet satisfaction

Our values

Pride in Qatar

We hold Qatar dearly in our hearts. Its ambitious nature, strong leadership, and rapid growth has provided us with inspiration and a vision to succeed. We are determined to be a part of our country’s success story and ensure that our work contributes to the Group’s, and Qatar’s, robust reputation around the world.

Customer first

We are customer driven. Their experiences and satisfaction push us to accomplish more. We strive to surprise and delight, bringing creativity to our menus to enrich journeys. Our customers are able to feel and taste our point of difference – fresh, quality food that is presented with great love and finesse.

Honesty & loyal

We work with integrity and are transparent about our facilities, operations, food preparation, and ingredients. We respect our customers, their cultural differences, and dietary needs offering menus that are both inclusive and delicious. We care about the quality and safety of the meals we deliver, employing advanced automated systems for storage and retrieval.

Driving Excellence

Our benchmark is excellence. Nothing else will do. We work diligently to improve our performance and advance our quality standard. We utilise: state-of-the-art facilities; innovative automated processes; highly-trained globally reputed chefs; and, have brought everything in-house to ensure the highest of standards. We work to enhance efficiency and minimise waste to grow our business sustainably.

One Team

We believe that as a company, and Group, we are as strong as the sum of our parts. Every employee and every enterprise are a valued contributor to our Group’s success. We empower our team members to reach their full potential – developing their skills and performance to contribute to personal and professional growth. They are trusted to unite their strengths and help us deliver excellence.

Points of difference


More than 200,000 meals per day made from 100% fresh ingredients and raw materials


Highly-specialized chefs craft every meal, ensuring consistent quality within a massive production


First single-standing, state-of-the-art facility in the world

Be part of Excellence

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