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Airline Catering

We believe that exceptional in-flight dining experiences truly enrich the journey. That’s why we have heavily invested in our facilities and our people – continuing our passionate commitment to delivering our vision. We operate from the world’s biggest single-standing catering facility and have an award-winning catering team on board to create memorable menus. These capabilities enable us to deliver over 175,000 perfectly-executed meals to more than 300 flight departures on a daily basis. Every meal is crafted with the finest and freshest ingredients with great attention to detail to ensure we cater to everyone’s dietary needs.

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Commercial airlines VIP/Private airlines Amiri flights

Lounge Catering

When you operate from the world's best airport, your standards are always set high. We enhance everyone's travel experience with culinary creativity and perfect presentation. Our international team understands guests’ needs, providing a diverse range of superior airport lounge cuisine made with the finest ingredients. We enable you to boost customer loyalty with distinct catering that matches your brand and your passengers.

Corporate Catering

With exacting professional standards as well as an unrivalled service and support to our customers, we have gained a reputation for excellence. Our menus are versatile, imaginative, and created to suit all tastes. We opt for fresh, seasonal ingredients to deliver meals that are expertly presented and taste as good as they look. We work in partnership with you to offer everything from simple meeting refreshments to elaborate buffets for large groups and gatherings.

Event Catering

Creativity and dependability as well as high-quality ingredients and menus. We provide all the key ingredients to make sure your event is a memorable occasion. Our professional expertise enables you to concentrate on what really matters – your guests. From small private gatherings to weddings, festivals and parties, we work with you to create carefully-considered menus tailored to your event, your guests, and your budget. Get in touch with us to discuss your requirements.

Retail Catering

Fresh, convenient, and trusted. Every day, our on-site cafeterias prepare delicious meals and refreshments for your retail catering needs. You can view the current options here and place your order for collection. We also deliver to a range of outlets such as cafes, gas stations, hotels and more. We provide catering to hospitals, cruise ships, parks, filming sites and studios, entertainment sites, and event locations.


Enjoy complete ease and convenience with professional dry cleaning and laundry services that can be delivered to your door. Our in-house laundry provides industrial and commercial cleaning services to a wide range of clients including hotels and in-flight services as well as shops and stores, processing over 45,000 tonnes of laundry a day. From everyday garments and linens to delicate fabrics such as cashmere, our professional team delivers spotless service. Contact us to find out how we can take care of your laundry needs.

Staff Cafeteria

Providing vital sustenance to our staff, our state-of-the-art cafeterias situated at the airport and offices offer a high standard of catering to all employees. Serving up an authentic array of Eastern and Western meals and refreshments throughout the day, menus are changed on a 60-day cycle to offer seasonal variety.

Bakery & Pastry

We take great pride in the elevated standards set by our impressive in-house bakery. Our delicious selection of bread and pastries change regularly, showcasing exciting seasonal ingredients and the creative expertise of our professional pastry chefs. Our industrial, state-of-the-art machinery enables us to deliver on precision and scale. We produce over 60,000 croissants and 75,000 other bread varieties every day.

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