Raising standards

When your vision is to create the extraordinary, you must work tirelessly to achieve your ambitions. Our story, one of complete commitment to supporting the evolution of Qatar Airways and our country, began in 2002 when we set out to raise the standards of aviation catering and enrich journeys around the world.

From day one, we have pioneered for progress, setting new benchmarks for menu creativity and authenticity to ensure that our food is always delicious and safe.

Our path to success demanded applied determination and creativity to overcome the many challenges we faced. Yet we persisted. We have invested in innovation, facilities, and training, all while expanding our pool of talent to over 4,000 employees.

Delivering what we promise has always been our priority. We focus on using fresh ingredients, passionately caring about their origin and preparation. We continue to surprise and delight travellers, giving complete reassurance that their dietary and cultural needs are being taken care of. We also believe in building a sustainable business and working towards minimising food waste while utilising new practices to improve our efficiency and professionalism

The world’s biggest
single-standing catering facility

Today, we proudly operate from the world's biggest single-standing catering facility at Hamad International Airport, Doha. Moving our operations to this site has empowered us to have greater agility and confidence in our strength and capabilities. Together with our award-winning catering team, we currently produce over 150,000 perfectly executed meals each and every day.

Just like our country, we are stronger than we've ever been and look forward to our prosperous journey ahead.

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